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1. How long have you been working as a floral designer? 

I have been working in the floral trade since 2003 and established Flowers For You in 2006. Specializing in wedding and event florals. 

2. Do you travel?

3. How far in advance should I schedule my consultation?

At least six months before the wedding is ideal, but we can begin planning as much as 18 months in advance or as little as two months before the wedding date. Summer weekends, especially three-day weekends, are the most popular times for weddings in the Pacific Northwest. We recommend beginning the process as early as possible to be sure that we have your date available. We do request that you have some of the basic details ironed out such as the date and venue before our consultation. 

4. How do I book a Consultation?

Complimentary consultation appointments can be booked by phone or email. Our only requirement is that you fill out our online consultation form prior to scheduling so that we can get an idea of your needs to help us prepare for our time together.

Wedding Consultation Form

Event Consultation Form

5. What should I bring to my consultation?

Anything that inspires you! Weddings and events are all about the details so bring as much information as you can. Photos of the venue, especially where you would like floral decoration, are helpful. If linens have been selected, swatches or photos of them are essential in planning centerpieces. For weddings, it is helpful for us to know what the wedding party will be wearing (pictures and swatches are a timesaver) so we can coordinate the flowers. Photographs or Pinterest boards showing examples of flowers and arrangements that you like are very useful, even if the colors and flowers are not exactly what you had in mind. We can also learn a lot from photos of things that you do not like.

6. What should I expect in the Wedding Consultation Process?

During our initial meeting, we will want to know as much about you as possible and we will ask a lot of questions. Typically we ask about your color palette; if you have your invitations selected; what you would like the feeling for the ceremony and reception to be; what are your favorite flowers; anything that will guide us in our designs. Walking through the evening from a guest’s perspective helps us to see details that will make the evening special. The first thing that we typically start with is the bridal bouquet as that sets the tone for a wedding and all of the flower’s choices will radiate out from that. Do not worry if you do not know the first thing about flowers; that’s our job. We will ask a lot of questions to ascertain your personal style and will make recommendations every step of the way.
Depending on how much research we need to do we will typically respond with a first draft of the proposal in about a week. The proposal will have a total for our services as described as well as the deposit required. This draft is an opportunity to make sure that we have captured your vision and gives you a chance to make a first round of edits. If necessary, we will supply a second draft that should very closely match your vision. If we have succeeded in our job it will show that we are a good match. We generally allow a week after the proposal is submitted to confirm the date with a deposit and signed contract. We always try to be as transparent as possible in all steps of the consultation process.

7. How long will the consultation last?

Most consultations can be finished in an hour. Smaller events will take less time and larger events may last up to two hours.

8. What information is included in the proposal?

Our proposal will itemize all agreed upon floral elements and their individual prices, rental items and their prices, any miscellaneous items and their charges, delivery, and pickup charges as well as any on-site labor charges. There will be no hidden fees. Anything that is estimated will be noted and if possible, a range for potential charges included. All floral elements will include a general description of the style and colors with inspiration photos and a list of some of the flowers that may be used. We are happy to revise the proposal once prior to the deposit being paid. You should have a good feeling as to whether we are a good fit for you with the second proposal.
Once the 25% deposit has been paid and the contract has been signed, your wedding date is secured. You are not bound on quantities until the final proposal which is typically agreed upon three weeks prior to the wedding. Even at this point, items can still be added as needed but we are not able to decrease quantities as commitments will have been made to our growers to purchase the flowers for your wedding.

9. How much do you charge for delivery, setup, transfer and breakdown fees?

These fees vary depending on the distance, timing and complexity of each event. Your proposal will have all of the fees broken down.

10. I saw this amazing arrangement/concept in a photo but you didn’t have anything similar on your website. Can you still make it?

Absolutely! Life’s too short to do the same thing every time- we love a challenge, and love when clients throw unique ideas our way. Whether it’s a custom ceremony arch, a 10-foot flower wall or ceilings draped with florals, count us in!

11. Do you offer packages for weddings?

Every couple and event are unique, therefore we design custom proposals tailored specifically to your needs. 

12. I am not sure that my budget is large enough to work with you. Can you help?

By the time that you plan your wedding flowers you have probably realized that everything costs more than you planned. We respect that most couples do not come in with an unlimited budget and are happy to find options that will complement your style and design. Key is knowing where to splurge and where to be more frugal. 

13. Can you guarantee that the flowers that I want or the flowers that are listed on my order  will be available for my wedding day? 

Fresh flowers are a living product, and as we are working with mother nature there may be occasions that a particular flower is not available. Some varieties are not commercially available year round in the US, Holland, Ecuador and Canada. We will, however, do our very best to source and supply you with the flowers of your choice. We cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstance that may hinders us from acquiring your choice of flowers. 

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